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Chris Moose Available Now!

Check it out on Amazon HERE  Or get a signed copy from our website while we have some.

Kids Say The Darnedest Things – Forest School Style

“That’s my dead beetle.” This is the kind of quote that makes you wonder whether that sentence has ever been said before. Outside of a small niche group of very possessive entomologists, I’m going to guess not.  “We were talking about building a bridge.” It…

Catch A Snake

Kids learn by doing. We know this. Gone are the days when we expect little kids to sit quietly, listen and remember what we’ve said for any length of time. Facts come in from Google through your eyes and quickly slip out your ears…

Top 10 Highlights of Summer 2018 at Forest School Camp

Now that summer is winding down and we are turning to the season of back to school, let’s take a look back on the four weeks West Coast Forest School spent with some amazing kids at Layritz Park.  As always in Forest School, every…

A Brief History of Forest School

A Brief History of Forest School