Andrew Bond – Author

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Andrew Bond has published two books. The first, Chris Moose, is hilarious. You should read it. The second, A River Going Home, is not hilarious. But you should read it anyway. During the day, as a classroom teacher, he reads books to children and tries to keep them awake. In the evening, as a father of three, he reads books to his children and tries to put them to sleep. Sometimes he writes books for children. Other times he runs West Coast Forest School. Occasionally, he sleeps. He lives with his beautiful wife and family in Victoria, BC. It is usually quite nice there. You should visit.

Did you know?

Andrew Bond is also a musician!

Can A Song Still Heal A Broken Heart – Andrew Bond

Check out his album Sometimes You Dig Your Own HERE

Returning – Surly Fool

Check out more songs from his previous band, Surly Fool, HERE

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