“So much of life is spent in routine, programs and structure – which is good.  I think what we loved the most is that West Coast Forest School provided an appropriate amount of routine, program and structure but emphasized reflection, self-motivation and just a chance to discover … at one’s own pace and interest. Our two kids went at the same time – and they are different kids!  One is all about reflection, appreciating beauty and one is all about moooooving!  And both loved, loved, loved the camps.  We didn’t register in time for the March Break camps and that news was NOT well received.  Beauty, discovery, play and community – such beautiful aspects of this program.” Mary, Spring 2017

“My son loved his one week at Forest School over Spring Break.  He came home dirty, happy and exhausted at the end of every day.  He felt safe in the forest and around his friends and teachers and was proud of not only what he was learning but also how he was connecting with nature.  We’ve already signed up for Summer camp!  Thanks for the great opportunity to get our kids playing safely in nature.” Lisa, Spring 2018

“West Coast Forest School is a wonderful program reconnecting children to nature. My daughter spent spring break at forest school and absolutely loved being outside all day. She still talks about things she learnt at forest school months after camp. I highly recommend this camp to all parents. She can’t wait for summer camp!” Pam, Spring 2018

“My son spent the week with West Coast Forest School and he absolutely loved it! The staff was very knowledgeable, created a safe environment and were focused on each child having a great experience. We won’t hesitate to sign up for this camp each summer!” Richard, Spring 2018

“Our daughter had a terrific time at forest school during spring break. Despite the wet spring weather, the kids learned how to build a lean-to shelter, they learned about local plants and their uses, made nature art, played forest games. New friendships were made and she didn’t want it to end… so we signed her up for a summer forest school, which she is very much looking forward to :)” Anne-Marie, Spring 2018

“My 7-year-old son participated in Forest School Camp over Spring Break and loved every second of it! It seemed to awaken within him a renewed sense of excitement and curiosity about the world around him  that he brought home with him in the stories he shared with us each evening. I’ll definitely be sending him back in the summer!” Chelsea, Spring 2018

“My son enjoyed himself greatly in the spring break camp. He was so excited when I told him I got him into one of the final spots for the summer camp. He loved the wonderful experience he had and of course loved getting dirty. Andrew is a fantastic leader and handled the children with ease. Super excited to see what he has in store for the summer.” Janine, Spring 2018

“My son absolutely loved West Coast Forest School! It rained for the whole week but the kids toughed it out and still had a blast. My son learned so much and really enjoyed exploring the beautiful forests Andrew chose and knew very well. ” Catherine, Spring 2017

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