That’s right. You read it correctly. Not only do we provide awesome nature connection camps but we publish books now too. Why not?

A River Going Home by Andrew Bond

Illustrated by Melanie Bond

The little girl awoke, lost and alone. Wondering where she belongs, she wanders. With the help of a wise little bird, she travels through field and forest, in the heat of the sun and the glow of the moon feeling her way through life’s obvious mysteries. Where does she belong? Where do any of us?
Readers of all ages will find enjoyment in this story and delight in the beautiful watercolour illustrations. This is a story about connection, both to nature and to the self. Take it as an allegorical fable with a deep breath of knowledge or as a children’s story rooted in the natural sciences. It is as simple as a tree standing in the forest.

Chris Moose by Andrew Bond

Illustrated by Melanie Bond

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