Spring Break Camps


Registration is open for Spring Break 2020!

Spring Break Camps have been held at Cuthbert Holmes Park since 2018. We have an awesome two weeks of exploring the park. There are many highlights to the fun-filled time including building fires in our Ghillie Kettle for tea, playing nature-themed games, whittling sticks, building epic forts and watching the herons hunt in the river.

Cuthbert Holmes

Cuthbert Holmes is an oasis nestled among the urban sprawl of Victoria. Though it has been significantly impacted by the MacKenzie interchange project it remains an important site for many people and a host of wildlife. It is a local favorite for dog-walkers, bird watchers and cyclists. Volunteers with the Colquitz Salmonid Stewardship and Education Society record salmon and trout numbers at the fish fence close to Tillicum Mall and a group of dedicated members of the Saanich Pulling Together program spend their time removing invasive species such as Holly and English Ivy.

The diverse ecosystems within the park make it an ideal home for over 120 types of birds including barred owls, cooper’s hawks and heron. The Colquitz River meanders through the park and is home to many fish, sea otters and harbour seals.

For all of the wonderful opportunities that this site has to offer for Forest School, we do recognize that it does have a history of neglect and misuse. We respect others who use the park, in whatever form that may take, and safety is our number one priority. Site risk-assessments will be done on a daily basis for all play sites we will be using and thorough walkthroughs of the park will be done before each session.

West Coast Forest School endeavours to continue a legacy of stewardship within all the parks we use so that future generations of people and wildlife are able to enjoy them equally as much as we do.

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