Catch A Snake

20190711_102351Kids learn by doing. We know this. Gone are the days when we expect little kids to sit quietly, listen and remember what we’ve said for any length of time. Facts come in from Google through your eyes and quickly slip out your ears without you even noticing they were even there in the first place. To really learn something you have to connect your hands and body to your brain. My suggested activity this month connects your eyes, hands and mind and may also push your comfort zone.

Catch A Snake

Here are 4 easy steps to catch a snake:

Step 1:  Get your mind right – if you’ve never caught a snake before this might be the biggest challenge. If you chicken out the first time, don’t give up. It’s not that gross.

Step 2:  Spot it – find some grassy areas close to freshwater (pond, bog, etc.). Start in the morning and walk trails. They’ll be sunning themselves in open areas.

Step 3:  Catch it – don’t hesitate.

Step 4: Observe it – kids can watch snakes for hours commenting on their shapes, colours, behaviours, etc. There are so many great things to learn about by simple observation.  This month we observed two snakes with opaque blue eyes. At first, the theory was they were blind, but then we observed them both start shedding their skin, so maybe there is a link there…


Don’t want to touch a snake? Maybe your kid would do it for you with your help spotting. Don’t have a kid? Well, people go birdwatching. Why not go snake watching? Or even better, do both. Keep your ears focused on the bird song and your eyes on the grass and you’ll really give your mind a workout.

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